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Watt :
Timer : Yes
Dimension : Dimension:62 X 52 X 59 CM


Watt :
Timer : Yes
Dimension : Dimension:62 X 52 X 59 CM

GS-14 Commercial Temperature Controllable Stainless Steel Infrared gas salamander


Product Name:   Infrared gas salamander
Model:   GS-14
Gas class:LPGNatural gasCoal gas
Dimension:62 X 52 X 59 CM



Infrared Gas Salamander

model number(GS-14):

1. super luxurious appearance, appearance does not show any screw.

   Beyond the level of foreign products.

2. stainless steel corners arc, streamline design, the beauty is generous.

3. import combustion system, cooking, halogen-light more delicious.

4. grouping type, saving energy spark.

5. adjustable layer, easy to adjust the height of customers.

6. improve the efficiency of the thermal insulation layer inside. Heat rapidly.




fule value:29MJ

gas source:LPG( can change into natural gas, coal gas)

tube dia:12mm

machine size:62*52*59cm


operating steps:

1.check it before used :lock stock and barrel the gas pipe , return the switch at off position and

make sure there is no creepage , fill some water in the oil tray .

2. turn on the gas valve and sphere valve , and press the switch and rotate them 90 degrees

adust the height of the frame according to the size of the food ,

4. shut off the sphere valve and gas valve.

5. do rinse the machine under the water.


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