TV LED 32-42 inch GSO2 Toshiba 40PU200
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Screen Size : 40"
HD Ready / Full HD : FULL HD 1080
Feature 1 : PC INPUT


Screen Size : 40"
HD Ready / Full HD : FULL HD 1080
Feature 1 : PC INPUT


LED TV with 28 Video Formats and USB Playback

Got the latest blockbuster on your usb in a new format? Now enjoy a 28 movie format USB Playback on the PU200.Don't just change your TV. Change up and modernize the look of your home with an the PU200 LED TV. Power TV is all about comprehensive features, picture and audio quality as well as wide connectivity's. Sleek and stylish, with a bezel design that's thinner than most other LED TVs in its class. Less is more. PU200 is technology with responsibility

REGZA ENGINE   REGZA Engine is the advanced video processing circuit developed by Toshiba. This advanced video processing technology reproduces high resolution images by using complex calculations to enhance the received signals to the highest video quality. LED BACKLIGHT WITH SLIM DEPTH
LED technology is an advanced backlighting system that guarantees new levels of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen. Colours are made more vibrant and contrast between light and dark is more pronounced, providing dramatically improved performance, while overall energy consumption is reduced.
10-BIT VIDEO PROCESSING 10-bit Video Processing maintains the 10-bit quality of input data quality during video processing and produces over 1 billion colours, or more that 64 times as many colours as the conventional 8-bit processors, This much larger quantity of data means that the colours you see are more accurate and the transition between colours are much smoother, The result is more realistic picture, delivering all the colour intensity and smoothness of the original source. CONTRAST BOOSTER
Better Contrast without Colour Compromise . Optimize Picture Contrast and Power Saving. When adjusting the contrast of the picture, the original colour of the picture is affected together with the adjustment. These contrast adjustments can result in the picture colour being too dark or too bright. With the new Contrast Booster, a complex luminance and chrominance adjustment process selects the optimal colour on the picture contrast without affecting the original colour settings.
AUTO SIGNAL BOOSTER   Simple Solution to Weak Signal Reception. With a weak signal reception, even the best LCD TV cannot maximize its performance. Toshiba's built-in Auto Signal Booster improves the sensitivity to weak radio frequency (RF) signal. Image becomes clearer when the RF signal is strengthened during weak signal reception. AUTO CLEAN
Clean and Smoother Picture Quality. Toshiba's proprietary digital technology for analogue image enhancement, Auto Clean is developed to complement the performance of Auto Signal Booster. Auto Signal Booster improved the sensitivity to weak RF signal in poor reception areas, Image becomes clearer when the RF signal is strengthened, Image clarity goes a step further with Auto Clean which minimizes colour noise of RF signals. AUTOVIEW
is Toshiba's advanced solution for achieving the best possible picture quality at all times. It monitors room brightness and automatically adjusts the backlight and various picture parameters accordingly. It also continually analyses the image (light and dark pixels), adjusting to maintain optimum contrast. POWER BASS BOOSTER
Power Bass Booster , Using just the television’s two speakers, Power Bass Booster generates extra sound waves in the bass band with different frequencies, so as to strengthen the clarity of bass sounds. With the new Power Bass Booster, harmonics are generated at different frequency intervals. As a result, the depth of the frequency is increased and clarity of the bass sound is strengthened.
20W AUDIO OUTPUT WITH BUILT IN SOUND BAR Any great TV should sound as good as it looks. Whether it’s the two smartly hidden built-in speakers or the dedicated sound bar that houses 20W high power speakers, the stylish speaker profile completes the aesthetics to complement the narrow bezel design.
USB MOVIE With enhanced playback compatibility* of 28 video formats**, USB Movie feature now allows playback of most popular video formats commonly available in the market for greater sharing convenience on various model sizes. You can now enjoy your favourite video collection in the most stylish and hassle-free manner. Simply plug and playback directly from your USB flash drive or HDD. What's more, the feature can even work with 4 audio formats (MP3, MP4, WAV and WMA) and JPEG playback to allow hassle-free playback of songs and music directly from a flash drive, or viewing photos and re-collecting fond memories of your recent outings with you and your loved ones. * Subject to hardware and software specifications.
** Combination of 28 video formats in the following media formats (AVI, PS, TS/TP, VOB, MOV, MP4, ASF/WMV, DivX, Xvid, MKV, RMVB, FLV, 3GPP, M-JPEG) in various video codec. Please refer to Owner's Manual for more details.
OPTICAL AUDIO OUT Optical Audio Out transmits high quality audio via light wave transmission. Digital audio signals are transmitted to reproduce high quality audio through the amplifier system without quality loss, unlike conventional audio cable connections. PC INPUT
With PC input, your TV doubles up as a monitor for your computer. Viewing of PC contents or video playback on larger screen display is a breeze.
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

40-Full HD LED ; 32-HD Ready LED ; 23-Full HD Slim LED

Full HD technology enhances the picture quality, color accuracy and sharpness by delivering image resolution as high as 1920 x 1080. Enjoy Digital Sources in High Quality. Toshiba TVs are equipped with an HDMI terminal to facilitate uncompressed, all-digital video and audio connections, which supports high definition video signals and multi-channel audio signals. With HDMI, you can enjoy an ideal full-digital AV reproduction that delivers noise-free and highly precise image quality.
Game Mode allows gamers to unleash their potential to the fullest with its automatic selection of screen size to display 100% of the game console's information to ensure critical gaming information is not missed out. Game Mode will also reduce the brightness to provide a more suitable gaming environment.
NARROW BEZEL Slimmer Edge and Minimalistic Style. The striking design of the new Power TV range stylishly complements the quality of the images and sounds. Designed in Japan, the TV is characterized by its 15mm narrow bezel giving an almost borderless effect that maximizes the impact of the screen. The new PX200 and PS200 also boast as one of the slimmest designs with an impressive 18mm, while the PU200 and PB200 are at 53mm. Any of these models easily blends into and even becomes the centre piece of most interior décor and furnishing. *Specifications may vary according to models   Specifications  
Product  Type LED TV
Screen  Type 40
Aspect  Ratio 16:09
Dynamic  Contrast  Ratio 30,000
Brightness (cd/m2) 350
Resolution (H x V) 1920 x 1080
Viewing  Angle (Degrees) 176
Panel Response Speed (ms) 9


Video Engine REGZA  ENGINE
Video processing 10 BIT
Autoclean O
Auto Signal Booster O
24p O
Contrast  Booster O
3D Colour Management O
Comb Filter 3D Y/C (PAL & NTSC)
Intelligent Backlight  Control O
Mpeg Noise Reduction O
Real Digital Picture O
Picture  Freeze O
Picture  Mode AutoView / Dynamic  / Standard  / Mild / Movie / Eco mode / Game / PC
Power Bass Booster O
Stereo System NICAM  B/G, I, D/K, & German  Stereo B/G, D/K
Speakers (4.0 x 12cm) x 2
Audio Output 10W X 2
Media Playback 28 Video Format  / 4 Audio Format  / 2 Picture  Format
External  Hard Disk Compatibility ******* O
Autoview O
Ambient  Light Sensor O
ECO Auto Power Down O
Teletext O
Multilingual OSD English  / French  / Russian  / Simplified Chinese/  Thai / Malay / Vietnamese / Arabic/  Persian  / Indonesian
Hotel Mode** O
Antenna  Input 1
EXT 1 Input : Composite Video + Component + RCA Audio
EXT 2 Input : Composite Video + RCA Audio
EXT 3 Input : HDMI 1
EXT 4 Input : HDMI 2 (3.5mm  Mini Jack, Common  with PC Audio)
PC Input D-Sub 15 Pin (3.5mm  Mini Jack common  with HDMI 2 Audio)
Output Optical  + 3.5mm  Mini Jack Fixed Audio
Digital Input USB (Side)
Receiving System PAL I/ BG/ DK, SECAM  BG/ DK, NTSC M/ BG 4.43
Colour System PAL, SECAM,  NTSC 3.58 / 4.43
Video Signal 480i/480p (60Hz),  576i/576p (50Hz),  720p (50/60Hz), 1080i (50/60Hz), 1080p (50/60Hz) through  HDMI
Automatic Voltage  Regulator 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W) 85
Dimension (W x H x D) mm without  Stand 922 x 590 x 65
Dimension (W x H x D) mm with Stand 922 x 652 x 191
Weight  (Net) kg without  Stand TBD
Weight  (Net) kg with Stand 8


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